Beautiful Boots



The boots are hand-woven from the wool, very soft, comfortable, they are molded on special pads according to the size of the paw of the animal. The bottom of the boot is thicker, has additional insulation. 

For protection from reagents, a special silicone or rubber coating is applied. 

Checked on the levreets, toyahs, pugs, yorkshirts and even larger breeds (basenji, staff.terrier) - dogs are very comfortable,

 warm and, importantly, they are well-preserved from reagents. Fastened with Velcro on the wrist.

This cost is valid for a size not more than: the length of the foot is up to 6 cm, the leg circumference is up to 9 cm,

 the height of the boot is up to 11 cm from the floor (this is the maximum size for the levretka).


The price of felt boots for dogs larger is discussed separately.

Any Colour!

Required dimensions:

Traverse your paw and try it on

1) length

2) to measure the grasp of the toes of the paw - centimeter or rope circumference of the paw in the widest place.

3) the height of the boot of the front and hind legs.

Price 25 euro


In the order write which color and size you would like

1 700,00 руб.

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  • Доставка в течение 3-5 дней1