Гигиенические пояса для кобелей



Every self-respecting dog, even if he is small and fit in his purse, will not miss the opportunity to "mark" the territory, reporting that he was here, and he is here, in fact, the main one. This behavior is inevitable for four-legged boys, and a special hygienic belt for males will help to solve the problem. Made hygienic belt for males from quality fabrics. The belt for males is easily washed in the washing machine. Durable. Does not cause allergic reactions. Unpleasant smell in the apartment, spoiled furniture, stains on the car seat, awkward position at a party ... All this can now be avoided if you buy a hygienic belt for a dog.


To order a belt, you need to measure the waist circumference in cm! And choose the right size. If the required size is not, write, we will produce it!

Hygienic belt for the dog

Reusable belt for a dog. PRICE : 7 EURO
пояс для кобеля

450,00 руб.

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