Reusable DIAPERS for puppies and adult dogs

20 euro

1 200,00 руб.

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Soft, cozy, comfortable lounger offers Your pet a pleasant stay. The inner layer is completely made of faux fur. Internal filler - hollofayber.

Color: beige/white fur, grey/grey fur.

Size (approximate): height 30 cm, diameter 50 cm, height 10 cm

Wash at 30 degrees.


PRICE 34 euro

1 950,00 руб.

  • 2 kg
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Bed for dogs. Size D-75 cm.

Perfect for dogs who like to sleep under a blanket. Now your dog will be in your own bed with a blanket )))

The case (upper portion of the deck chair) made of high quality material, which is easy to remove (it is zip) and machine washable.

The inner part of the rug - filled with the foam and batting, which provide comfort to Your dog.



3 500,00 руб.

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A soft, comfortable bed for dogs. Three size: 50*70cm, 70*90 cm, 90*110 cm

Can be made in different colors. The inner layer is faux fur, or fabric.

Removable top cover (zippered reverse side) - easy to wash.

Inner case, which is also zippered, is filled with Holofiber in the balls. 


Characteristics Of Hollowfiber:

Eco – glueless method of production allows to minimize the content of aggressive chemical compounds in the material, it does not emit harmful substances, does not cause irritation.

Biologically stable – does not rot, does not decompose, is not affected by fungus, mold and other microorganisms.

Warm – due to the large amount of air contained between the fibers, holofiber has a low conductivity it keeps warm.

Breathable – perfectly holds air without creating a greenhouse effect.

Elastic – keeps any given form, not rolled, not break.

Durable – not afraid of intensive use, repeated washings, thermal effects.

Undemanding – easily washed, dries quickly. 


PRICE from 65 euro till 105 euro


When ordering, please specify desired color, model, size.


Wash at 30 degrees.

4 000,00 руб.

  • 4 kg
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Reusable sanitary belt for male



10 euro

пояс для кобеля

700,00 руб.

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